The French Art Of Loving

Aaaaaaah the French art of loving, the art of seduction mastered till perfection, is beautifully depicted in this video for lingerie brand Aubade:

If you visit  the campaign website, you’re invited to open the drawers of the little 40’s cabinet. Some of the drawers try to “teach” the girls something in order to perfect their seduction skills (girls: I’m a big fan of the spiritual lessons 8 – mettre à l’épreuve son self-control , 38 – lui poser un problème métaphysique – and 39 –  puis l’allonger sur le divan) or let the boys find out how to give their girlfriend a great Valentine’s gift.

(I found the YouTube video on Frank’s posterous blog, and decided to visit their website. So my post isn’t a directed one by some agency, it’s because I like this campaign :-))

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