20 Things I Don’t Worry About But Should

Ik denk dat ik het via Peter Hinssen gevonden heb, deze post op de Vice blog over 150 dingen die slimme mensen zorgen baren. Altijd leuk, zo’n SWOT-analyse die focust op de T.

Enkele punten die mij opvielen:

  1. Punt 2:
    Black swan events, and the fact that we continue to rely on models that have been proven fraudulent. – Nassem Nicholas Taleb
  2. Punt 13:
    The dearth of desirable mates is something we should worry about, for “it lies behind much human treachery and brutality.” –David M. Buss, professor of psychology at U of T
  3. Punt 29:
    The rise of anti-intellectualism and the end of progress. “We’ve now, for the first time, got a single global civilization. If it fails, we all fail together.” –Tim O’Reilly, CEO and founder of O’Reilly Media
  4. Punt 30:
    We should worry about several “modern” States that, in practical terms, are shaped by crime; States in which bills and laws are promulgated by criminals and, even worse, legitimized through formal and “legal” democracy. – Eduardo Salcedo-albaran, Colombian philosopher
  5. Punt 39:
    “The diversion of intellectual effort from innovation to exploitation, the distraction of incessant warfare, rising fundamentalism” may trigger a Dark Age. –Frank Wilczek, MIT physicist
  6. Punt 40:
    We need institutions and cultural norms that make us better than we tend to be. It seems to me that the greatest challenge we now face is to build them. –Sam Harris, neuroscientist
  7. Punt 52:
    “What worries me is that we are increasingly enmeshed in incompetent systems, that is, systems that exhibit pathological behaviour but can’t fix themselves.” –John Naughton, Edge editor
  8. Punt 63:
    “As someone fairly committed to the death of our solar system and ultimately the entropy of the universe, I think the question of what we should worry about is irrelevant in the end.” –Bruce Hood, mondo-bummer
  9. Punt 68:
    That big data and new media will mean the end of facts. –Victoria Stodden, computational legal scholar, statistics professor
  10. Punt 69:
    That we will spend too much time on social media. –Marcel Kinsbourne, neurologist
  11. Punt 71:
    That the gap between news and understanding is widening. –Gavin Schmidt, NASA climatologist
  12. Punt 74:
    That we will get our hopes up for interstellar space travel, because it’s not going to happen. –Ed Regis, science writer
  13. Punt 78:
    That synthetic biology will spiral out of control. –Seirian Summer, lecturer in behavioral biology
  14. Punt 81:
    “We should be worried about online silos. They make us stupid and hostile toward each other.” –Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia
  15. Punt 94:
    “We should worry about losing lust as the guiding principle for the reproduction of our species.” –Tor Norretranders, science writer
  16. Punt 107:
    That aliens pose a danger to human civilization. –Seth Shostak, SETI astronomer
  17. Punt 108:
    That the role of microorganisms in cancer is being ignored by the current sequencing strategies employed by the medical community. –Azra Raza, M.D.
  18. Punt 110:
    “The illusion of knowledge and understanding that can result from having information so readily and effortlessly available.” — Tania Lombrozo, assistant professor of psychology
  19. Punt 122:
    Not population growth, but prosperity growth—the prospect of the entire world consuming resources like Americans and Westerners do. –Laurence C. Smith, geography professor
  20. Punt 134:
    That the brain is unable to conceive of our most serious problems. –Daniel Goleman, psychologist


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