Rock n roll

Video-footage van MGMT gisteren in Club 69 volgt later nog, dit tekstje zat daarnet in m’n Facebook-inbox:


First of all, many many thanks for making it to Fuse last night.

Secondly, and this will take a bit longer, there were a couple of ‘issues’ last night thanks to SN Brussels Airlines.

Ricardo was due to arrive in Brussels with SN Brussels Airlines but without ANY warning they cancelled his flight. Luckily there was an Air Berlin flight to Frankfurt that was delayed still on the tarmac in Berlin. Only after talking with the captain of the flight directly were Ricardo and his Tour Manager allowed to board the flight to Frankfurt. After arriving in Frankfurt Ricardo’s tour manager did an unbelievable job in driving to Brussels so quickly.

We would like to say a big sorry to all of you who wished just like us that Ricardo would play longer.

As someone once told us: ‘airline companies will always treat you like a box of oranges’, only this time it was like sh**.

Thank you Sn Brussels. We appreciate your service.