Push n Pull gone wrong – an example

Push on Facebook

Push on Facebook

Here’s an another example of too pushy marketing/personal branding/whatever in the pull-minded era we’re in at the moment. Jean Jacques Cortez, enjoy your 15 seconds of fame.

Notice the “SHOW 7 SIMILAR POSTS”, these are all by him. I mean, dude, post one link to your SoundCloud. Not twenty.

Another thing to notice: he used his profile, and his fan-page. Double content. Joy. Not. Don’t piss off your crowd! And certainly don’t miseducate them by using crappy english.


  1. Delete the personal profile and do everything through the fan-page. I’m a stupid user, I can’t choose which one I’d want to stop following. What if I miss something? So use one appropriate channel.
  2. Just post one link to your SoundCloud, instead of flooding your followers. If they like your music, and have time, they will listen to it. Trust your crowd.
  3. Lose the capitals. Pretty please.