Start A Party in Lebanon

So I got back safely from the lovely Lebanon, oh yeah. The trip was too short, and the day off afterwards too. Had to process more than 600 pictures, still have to do a selection and do the same for the videos…

In the mean time, here’s a teaser video taken at the beginning of the Party Through The Ages at the old port of Byblos (which is the oldest city of the world!):

I still owe you some details on the new J&B cocktails, the afterparty at White in Beirut and the different acts that performed on the closing party through the ages in Byblos (some of which I interviewed, including a very cute and wise belly dancer).

Beveiligd: Screw the verkiezingen: kom mee feesten in Libanon!

De inhoud is beveiligd met een wachtwoord. Vul het wachtwoord hieronder in om hem te kunnen bekijken: