Greg Wilson

Ik had het in eerdere blogposts al over Greg Wilson, een DJ uit the UK die al enkele decennia meegaat (ook als remixer). Voor mocht je ooit eens tijd en zin hebben in een lesje club & music culture, hier is zijn sessie vanop de Red Bull Music Academy Melbourne 2006:

Maverick Tendencies

Nina’s making her own statement, and regardless of whether or not you might agree with her, or even like the music she records and plays, she’s saying something – she’s causing a reaction and sparking debate. I find it refreshing that she often doesn’t do what people expect her to – in an ever more conformist world it’s reassuring to see anyone out there with maverick tendencies. I’m not saying that she doesn’t or won’t make errors of judgement, mistakes are a part of the journey, but remember, this is no wilting flower we’re talking about here, she’s big enough and ugly enough to take care of herself. – Greg Wilson on Nina Kraviz

Makes me think of Top Gun.