Things I did today (121)

  1. I got awake around 3.30 in the morning without being able to move my right hand, so weird. Tried to shake it but it didn’t really help. I was afraid I had lain on my arm and accidentally broke it while doing so.
  2. Got up an hour too late but hopped on my bike anyway. The weather was sunny, my physical fitness still sleepy and my work was waiting. That’s the way it was.
  3. Had a healthy lunch, yes ma’am!
  4. Worked late.
  5. Went flandrien all the way for 20k and rode my bike like a mad man in the rain. It was raining and all I was wearing was a sports t-shirt and some shorts. Like a mad man, yes ma’am! Pro tip: evade puddles as they’ll make your shoes soaking wet.
  6. Had some spinach and meatballs for dinner.
  7. Played assistant carpenter.
  8. Ordered my Generation Connect micro sim card. A true 3G network, 2GB of data in Belgium and 100 MB of data abroad, why not?

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