Things I did today (109)

1. Worked late. Project fatigue results in an even more advanced form of lack of focus, which isn’t really helping when things need to get done.
2. Went to the gym before lunch. 100 sit-ups, boyah! Ok, that’s not really impressive, but see me care.
3. You’d think one’s French would improve after speaking it almost daily for a year or four, well think again.
4. Turned down an offer to go to Noxx and Café d’Anvers. Saying no is saying yes.
5. Went to a vernissage for some cardboard based works. Pretty cool but ridiculously expensive works. Oh well, art will be art. Sleutelstraat 5, Brussel. Till the end of May.
6. These post might get published as a work called ‘366 boring days’.

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