Things I did yesterday (106)

  1. I’ve been in the getting up late routine the last few days, and today was not different. Throat’s feeling weird too, probably due to the cold & the windyness (and a certain lack of sleep).
  2. Don’t you hate it when you finish up things and suddenly people want to change or add something? I don’t really hate it but I don’t really like it either.
  3. Went to the gym. 30 minutes of something that should resemble power training, 3 times restarting the cardio due to a pedallace getting loose everytime. Hargl!
  4. Had a status meeting. 6 people, 25 minutes. Not that long actually.
  5. Almost forgot I’m in a weight losing race.
  6. Getting up late means working late.
  7. Procrastinated at home. Damnit. (KLM is coming up with their own social travel planner!)

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