Things I did yesterday (102)

  1. Went to work. A module didn’t appear to be as much work as expected, awesome!
  2. Went to the gym without getting kicked out.
  3. Received a postcard from a friend. Nice writing!
  4. Had food & 2 chevalier Duvels at Le Corbeau in Brussels. Don’t do this at home, kids, you’ll get smashed.
  5. Tried to get in at the relaunch of Libertine Supersport, this time not at K-Nal but at Ciné Mirano in Brussels.

    I’d never been to the Mirano before, but I heard it had a rotating dancefloor and I liked the Libertine vibe at K-Nal so I was actually pretty excited for their relaunch. Hey, the Mustang guys were gonna spin under their new moniker, and Dixon was going to be there too (I’ve heard headliner Todd Terje 2 months ago in Ghent). Unfortunately the doorman decided a single man (my friend & her friends got in half an hour earlier) wasn’t cool enough for Libertine. Nor were the 3 people before me. That’s the way the world spins: sometimes there just isn’t room for you.


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