Things I did today (103)

  1. Went to Ghent for that 30 Years Democrazy ft Lefto party at Vooruit. Payed 20 euros to get in at 1am and leave at 3. Anyone else wants some money too?
  2. Had a late night snack near Vooruit. I thought I was going to stop having late night snacks, apparently not!
  3. Arrived in Brussels shortly after 4am, tried to get in to Mirano again, but it was already past 4am which means they won’t let anyone in anymore. Le sigh.
  4. Stayed in a hotel nearby (hey, I was going to celebrate my birthday at Libertine and get mildly drunk). In retrospect I kinda regret having booked that hotel. Luckily it was a cheap one, only 60 euros for a night (including breakfast).
  5. Got up before 10am (to get the abovementioned breakfast).
  6. Went to support my dad who participated in a bicycle race.
  7. Didn’t see him (apparently the racetrack changed compared to last year, although there were signs where we were standing too. Go fucking figure.).
  8. Programmed a bit for my own app.
(Going to Strictly Niceness at Le Bodega tonight, and I’ve got a spot +1 on the guestlist – better safe than sorry.)


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