Things I did today (92)

  1. Finally finished a very long use-case I was collaborating on with the client. Never ever write documents together with your client, you’ll get mad because of the style differences alone. But then again: do you want to have day-long, why not week-long, discussions with your client? Le sigh.
  2. Had a status meeting with the team. Meetings go quicker when there isn’t a project manager around. Go figure.
  3. Had a SVN crisis. Things that look like a good idea usually aren’t. Everything’s OK now though.
  4. Didn’t end up in the gym. Damnit!
  5. Drove to Ghent for a session about recommendation engines. Thanks for the human food recommendations on Twitter! Nothing beats human intelligence (for not really grasping my location and time constraints, ha!). (I need to focus more on communicating better.)
  6. Got back home totally inspired to work on my own web app but ended up watching a documentary about Ronald Reagan (a pretty much controversial president of the USA in the eighties) and then watched some late night show with stupid celebrities. Which makes me stupid to waste my time watching it.
  7. Ordered some refills from Raz*War.

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