Things I did yesterday (75)

  1. Arrived at Bazaar in Brussels for that Lil’ Louis gig. Midnight: 25 people. 1am: 75 people. 2am: finally a crowd and Lil’ Louis starting his gig. While he doesn’t exactly play 80’s house anymore, he does have a unique track selection. The dude’s really focussed too and I’m not sure whether I like that or not.
  2. Went all the way AGConsult style (not really) to help a friend with her website.
  3. Had pasta at El Metteko and went to see Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld’s show at the Ancienne Belgique. Support act was Lisa Van der Aa. Both were amazing and awesome all that. Alva Noto’s beats actually made me reconsider moving into music production territory again. Need. Time.
  4. Starting to think they’re putting more alcohol in Duvel, I’m getting drunk faster than a few years ago. That’s some weird ass shit!

  5. Went to Fuse, but arrived after midnight so that’s for the next blogpost.

One thought on “Things I did yesterday (75)

  1. “2am: finally a crowd”

    I think it was back in the nineties, when at uni, that I saw the start of parties/gigs getting later and later. (from 11pm to 1am)
    Gigs starting at 2am is too ridiculous for words! I thought there was a bit of a movement in Bxl to reverse that trend. Clearly not!

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