Things I did yesterday (69)

So, I arrived around midnight at Culture Club with my grey allstars on. Luckily I had my bordeaux tie around my neck, which distracted the bouncers. Tough luck for me, the party at Culture Club only starts around 2am. The warm-up dj wasn’t really that good, and the crowd only got in the mood when The Magician started his set. I like how he’s no longer playing real balearic and more into the house stuff. (I’m uploading a video of his closing song, but apparently it’s taking more than 45 to upload it so that will be for tomorrow.)

Anyway, after his set I went home, said goodbye to the bouncers (which I think worked at Silo before) and got aware that I had to return to Ghent in the afternoon. Planning 101 called: look at least one day ahead.

So, got up around noon, had chicken and fries for breakfast and jumped back in my car to Ghent. Not really, I first went to do some shoe shopping at the local shoe store, they were giving discounts. Bought me 2 pairs of pretty decent sneakers and finally went to Ghent for the birthday party ofmy beloved partner in DJ crime DJ Ponies & Rainbows, her freshly born niece (apparently I’m starting to like babies, even while they’re crying their lungs out. What’s wrong with me?) and family and friends. Few things can beat a fun afternoon with funny people, delicious cake and some damn fine home made pasta dishes.

Mama mia!


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