Things I did today (70)

Wow, already at number 70. Shit is going fast!

Got 4 or 5 use-cases validated by the client, went to Ghent to listen to the new Miike Snow album (it’s not really my cup of tea, although it’s got one or two good songs which might end up in a decent remix) and that’s about it for today.

Oh, it’s also this bitch week in the Flemish blog scene. Today’s topic was about the inner beauty queen. Hey girls, I’m gonna let you finish and all but I just want to say I appreciate all the effort you’re doing to upgrade yourself from little princess to beauty queen. Don’t become the evil stepmom though!

Did anyone go see that John Carter yet?

One more thing: I made a switch in pondering “how would having sex with her be” to “how would the pillow talk be?”. This growing up thing is getting ridiculous.


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