Thigns I did the day before yesterday (68)

Honestly, I have no idea what I did before 4pm. We arrived a bit late at church (around 5pm), I did some live tweeting and had dinner at my grandma’s place (we were remembering my grandfather, although we didn’t really talk about him during dinner) afterwards.

Had to rush to Ghent because I got tickets for a movie of the Japan Square festival: Guilty of Romance, a Japanese soft-erotic thriller. One of the characters recited a poem which talked about words not having real substance anymore, they’ve become a bit superficious. We say words but we don’t really grasp their meaning anymore, we’re baffled by their sheer surface, not by what they really mean.

I think that’s the metaphor for the movie: at first it looks like a porn remake of Saw, while it actually talks about a woman married to a writer and how weird marriages can be. She stays at home while he leaves for work at 7 in the morning and arrives back home at 9. Obviously she gets bored, and while he writes about sex, they don’t really seem to have sex actually. So, after a while, she finds a job in a local store. There, she gets discovered by a model scout. The sexy model scout type. Before she actually understands what’s happening she does her first porn scene and ends up in prostitution while actually liking it and getting liberated from her boring marriage (in a way she actually loves her husband again). Go figure. And then shit happens, which I won’t talk about as you might see this movie some day. Or not.

After the movie I went to visit a really sick friend. I brought her some chocolates, I hope she liked them and everything’s going better by now.

And then, after a quick drink at Bar Buro, I went to Culture Club. But by then it was already Sunday, so that will be the beginning of my next blogpost. Ha!



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