Things I did yesterday (67)

  1. Slept for a whopping 8 hours, woke up an hour before my alarm clock went off. 
  2. Went out for a house hunt in Steenokkerzeel. Found one house for sale that I seemed to like, but it was sold already. Another one was actually a depot for a wine store, so I’d guess one wouldn’t be allowed to live in it. And the third one seems to be an old fermette, but with other houses attached to it already. Gonna call for that one though, I might like it anyway!
  3. Went to Glabbeek’s Bunker to spin vinyl at a benefit action for Romanian children. Unfortunately they’re weren’t any needles for the pick-ups, so it was an all CD set. I always like a bit of CDJ action! And my mixing seems to be not bad at all (I’m one of those laptop dj’s…).

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