Things I did today (62)

  1. Went to see John Carter. I showed you its trailer yesterday Well, let me be honest with you: the movie’s much better than what its trailer made you expect. Except for the first few scenes, those were rubbish. But once you’ve sat through that, the movie roles like a non-belgian train. And Princess Jedah was just soooo lovely. Yeah, I’m a sucker for beautiful princesses with brains and skills. Just like that.
  2. Went to look for sushi in Ghent, didn’t find it.
  3. Brought back the Lexus CT 200h to its homebase. Turns out it had a pretty good mileage for a gasoline car: 6.1 liters/100 km! And its much quieter than my diesel engine powered
  4. Had sushi in Brussels! Le awesome!



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