Things I did yesterday (59)

  1. Almost finished a 25 page article about who can something when and how. Writing specs is so tedious. 

    Do you know “Don’t make me think“? 

    Here’s another rule: “don’t only design for your client, also design your deliverables for your co-workers”. Don’t make your co-workers think too much. Make it easy for them.

    Here’s the caveat: not making you think takes time.

  2. I had some pretty delicious sushi sashimi (I don’t know much about sushi except that I like it!) at Sakura in Leuven with a friend. Interesting times coming up!
  3. There’s this John Carter movie coming up next week. I don’t really like the trailer that much, but hey, it’s a Disney movie and Disney is all about the story, right?

    Here’s the real deal: John Carter is an adaption of an early 20th century story of the same name. It’s a space sci-fi story written when humanity could barely fly in earth’s atmosphere, let alone escape that atmosphere. It’s a space sci-fi story written when people still thought there were Martians living on Mars. So yes, the story will be interesting, most certainly from a historical perspective (even though this is a movie adaptation, I might have to read the books too).


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