Things I did yesterday (46)

  1. I wrote and I thought and I wrote and I thought and I wrote and I thought. I’m a thinker and a writer. Mostly a thinker.
  2. Went to buy a cinch cable.
  3. Got a demo for the Traktor S4 and S2 MIDI controllers. I’m not convinced, and it probably takes a week or so to get used to Traktor’s interface too…
  4. Went to have dinner at El Metteko in Brussels. They’ve got some great lasagna maison!
  5. Witnessed Luc Van Acker giving a great show at the infamous Ancienne Belgique. He and his band performed the tracks of his renowed The Ship album. I loved how “up yours” his attitude was, and how much he seemed to enjoy the show and audience feedback. Awesome!

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