Things I did today (42)

  1. Arrived really late at work, and I appeared to have forgotten a 9 o’clock meeting. But one of my colleagues was happy as he’s usually the late one of his team and now his boss saw someone else – me – being worse than my colleague. I didn’t mind, actually. Opened a debate too, I love it to tease people and get them out of their comfort zone (which, in a professionel setting, is being in a sheep herd instead of giving directions to a better professionel setting). Sleep versus boring meeting… 😉
  2. Planned some other meetings.
  3. Had some other meetings and interessing discussions regarding that first meeting. We’ll get there.
  4. Worked till 6.30pm (damn you unproductive meetings & discussions!), arrived way too late at home (dinner was cold and the folks not really amused).
  5. Payed my Barcelona appartment. Hello (Off) Sonar!
  6. Listened to some great music and had some more – in a way again interesting – discussions.

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