Things I did yesterday (31)

  1. Danced to tunes played by Maxim Lany, Solomun and Hector & Nate at Kortrijk’s De Kreun venue. Solomun quit 15 minutes too early due to some bitch trying to be funny and throwing beer in his face. So unrespectful…

    The crowd in itself still needs to learn how to go out decently. I mean, don’t be drunk at 1 am, don’t “dance” by stumbling into the people next to you, don’t stand still and be talking at the dancefloor (go to a café then). And try not to smoke when the walls are filled with “don’t smoke”-stickers. (Kudos to the venue crew for trying to enforce this!)

    Listen to the music, enjoy the music, dance to the music and get lost in it!

    (Yeah, I’m getting old.) 

  2. Back at the hotel I went for some obligatory sleeping. The problem with hotels is you usually have to check out around noon, which is a bit too early if you’re going clubbing. Another problem with hotels is breakfast. At this hotel, the Sandton, breakfast ended at 10.30am, so I had to get up at 9.30 to get enough time to enjoy its breakfast, sauna and swimming pool. No sleep for the wicked!

  3. I left the hotel to get to Ghent for a lunched meeting, which was unfortunately cancelled because of another meeting running out.
  4. Up to Bar Buro then, which is a (pop-up) coffee place / co-working space near Ghent’s Belfort. I love how the place is not trying to be perfect!

    The good thing about such a co-working space is we all have our own problems and if you talk about them, someone else might bring in the solution. Which we actually did yesterday. Now I only have to make some time to implement that solution… 

  5. I was very happy to have parked my car at the indoor St-Michiels parking. That one has no slope to drive in and out of it, which might have posed a problem with all the snow… Managed to get home safely, that’s a good thing.
  6. Things aren’t working out with the girls. And I’m not sure if it’s because of me or them, or just the circumstances not being right. It reminds me of Steve Jobs’ strategy mentioned in “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”:

    ‘I am going to wait for the next big thing.’  – Steve Jobs

    (source: Bloomberg


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