Things I did today (29)

  1. Got up around 8 instead of 7. Fail.
  2. Worked on 3 use-cases. 
  3. Invented a planning.
  4. Got a mail from Goldroom’s booking agent in Barcelona. Damn, Barcelona’s hot these days. Wondered who on earth will ever go to a party of some unknown guy from L.A.? He makes great music though.
  5. Asked people what they would love to make/build but don’t have the time for. Some have crazy idea’s, some have useless idea’s, others have lame idea’s. Some have useful idea’s.
  6. Got a cupcake with icing on the top from Nokia for their Lumia 800 launch tomorrow in Belgium. I reviewed the Lumia 800 the past few weeks, and I was kinda amazed of how good it actually was. But I still use it in tandem with my BlackBerry, I can’t seem to leave my precious keyboard.

    Just so you know, they’ll be giving away some things in the most important train stations (Brussels North & Central, Antwerp Central, Ghent, Liège-Guillemins) between 7 and 10am. In the afternoon you can head to Antwerp Grand Bazaar, wherever that may be.

    I kinda doubt their Amazing Moments campaign tho, it makes me think of Astrid Bryan… 

  7. Shared that cupcake with a friend and listened to her love problems. The world has gone mad.


Something I didn’t do: go to the gym. Tomorrow, tomorrow!


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