Things I did yesterday (27)

I already forgot most of the things, so I probably procrastinated.

1. Biked to the computer store with my dad to look for a new all-in-one printer. It’s probably gonna be the HP 3070A (my dad’s a cheapo, but that’s ok).
2. On the way bck some old dude in a car was honking becauseI was biking in his way. Too bad for him I was allowed to bike there. Old people…
3. Picked up my sister at the train station.
4. Took her to some cellphone shop where they switched her sim card to a microsim card. 10 minutes of waiting in line and 2 minutes of work. Cost: nada euros.
5. Did my vest to the drycleaner. Note to self: pick it up Wednesday.
6. Went to Our Party at the Bronks Jeugdtheater in Brussels. People were dancing before midnight. I like that.


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