Things I did today (27)

1. Think real hard about what I did yesterday.
2. Realise I misnumbered my precious post and that I can’t seem to edit Posterous posts through the iOS app. Oh well.
3. Back to what I did today. Danced real hard at Our Party. I like Our Party. It’s like Avenue L but with truer people and even more house music and funk and disco. And it’s in Brussels.
4. I was the middle man in a sexting conversation. Not making this up!
5. Had a durum before I went to bed. Even though the durum was really good, that’s a bad thing.
6. Ate fries and stoofvlees for breakfast.
7. Took a shower during the world championships cyclocross. Belgians kicked ass!
8. Went to Brussels with a friend. We drank cava (remember that cava I brought from Barcelona while driving there with The Sunchasers?) on the rooftop of Parking 58 and ate some spicy thai food near Place St Gery to get it warm again. Damn, it’s cold outside!

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