Things I did today (24)

  1. Alarm clocks went off around 7am this morning, stayed in bed till 7.45am. A bit earlier than usual, but still not early enough to kick some ass!
  2. Worked hard on 2 big use-cases, wanted to 4 in total today… Got to a third one though, which is pretty central.
  3. The back-channel in a 100 heads company is pretty interesting. Too bad it takes so long to get the information/grieves from the back-channel to the chiefs. And it's so depressing if things don't get resolved and keep coming back, it really is.
  4. Listened to that Bottin dj set and I'm now listening to a Bicep dj set. Recommended!
  5. Bart Lapers hinted his Twitter followers for a Frankfurt – Papeete deal. 916 euro for the flight only, which is pretty cheap (they normally cost 1500 euro). Too bad it'll cost at least 1000 euro more for hotels and entertainment and suddenly you're spending more than a month's worth of wages for some island travel. I need to get rich soon! 😉
One can dream, one can only dream.


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