Things I did today (23)

  1. I’m getting better at the getting up early part.
  2. Finished 2 use-cases, wireframed another one to something more simple and elegant. I strive for elegant solutions, but it takes time to make a solution as elegant as possible. Too bad life sometimes can’t wait for an elegant solution.
  3. I need some sun and Brussels Airlines gave – like yesterday – a 2 hour during 40% sale on their website. 40% excluding taxes, ofcourse. I have a 4 day weekend beginning of February so I small city trip to Southern Europe might be interesting. Too bad the only real cheap flights were for Barcelona and Wolfram Alpha gives this as weather statistics… Such a no go.
  4. Listened to some music. There’s a lot of music out there. Eli Escobar released his new EP Work It, Oliver (not to be mistaken with Oliver $) got an unlimited Soundcloud and The Magician released his Magic Tape Nineteen.
  5. Oh, and I got compliments on my writing style.

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