Things I did today (22)

In short: I wasn’t really productive today.

  1. Got up at around 8.15am, ate an orange and went to the garage with my car.
  2. Jogged back home (4k).
  3. Read the newspaper.
  4. Jogged to the garage (4k).
  5. Got my car back for 170 euros. Yearly maintenance…
  6. Did, uhm, stuff. I’m the procrastination master.
  7. Studied the Slim framework for a while.
  8. Went to Ghent for the weekly #geekrun. Since it’s only the two of us, I guess we can rename it to #learningmoment. It’s fascinating how we discuss what’s happening in our lives on a more abstract level. What’s actually happening, why are people reacting the way we do and what can we learn from it so we can change people’s reaction?
  9. Bought Good Strategy, Bad Strategy from the iBookstore. Does the iBookstore have a monopoly on the iPad, or is it possible to buy ebooks from, e.g. Amazon?

I wasn’t productive because I wanted to progress the codebase of our web app.


One thought on “Things I did today (22)

  1. Antwoord op 9, yep er is een kindle app voor Ipad, Iphone en mac. Je koopt via amazon website en kan op al die toestellen lezen. No sweat.

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