I might switch to a Windows Phone

(The original title of this blogpost was “Apps for the Lumia 800”.)

In the past I’ve been saying the “but Microsoft’s Marketplace only has 50.000 apps, it stinks”-argument is mute. I still hold to that opinion. I’ll explain why below.

I’m an avid BlackBerry user. It turns out that BlackBerry is often neglected, although we – see what I did there? – have an official Twitter app, an official Facebook app, an official FourSquare app, an official Shazam app and an official LinkedIn app (although that one sucks). There’s Google Sync to sync my address book and calendar with the cloud. They even got Evernote, Whatsapp and Google Latitude for my navigation needs.

Runkeeper doesn’t run on BlackBerry, but that’s a decision the app creator makes, not the platform! I use Runtastic on BlackBerry, which is a bit more cross-platform than Runkeeper.

That makes a list of 10 apps I regularly tend to use. These are my killer apps. (For BlackBerry there’s also the amazingly fast keyboard and its messaging apps like Mail and BlackBerry Messenger, which doesn’t count as network traffic.)

So, let’s check which of my killer apps also exist in Microsoft’s Marketplace for Windows Phone:

  1. Official Twitter app: check. BlackBerry’s version wins though (especially with the push notifications).
  2. Official Facebook app: check. It’s even got Facebook Places to work.
  3. Official Foursquare app: check.
  4. Official Shazam app: check.
  5. Official LinkedIn app: fail. It’s not in the Marketplace, but Windows Phone 7 offers integration with it through the Persons Hub. I haven’t tested that feature though.
  6. Google Sync: check. Feature of the OS itself.
  7. Evernote: check.
  8. Whatsapp: check.
  9. Google Latitude: not in the Marketplace. Now, I use Google Latitude mainly as a navigation software, not to know where my friends are. Nokia provides their own – free – navigation software, even with voice turn-by-turn navigation.
  10. Runtastic: check.

So that’s 8,5 out of 10. Not bad! And the UX of these apps is most of the times a lot more pleasant than on the other platforms.

Oh, and I like how the Metro UI poses the screen of the phone as an actual window to the canvas apps are drawing on.

I think today was the first day I started to consider switching from BlackBerry to a Windows Phone. (Perhaps my subconscious fell in the “ooh, shiny!” trap.)


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