Things I did today (21)

3 weeks in and still doing this. Boya!

  1. Woke up and arrived at work at a decent hour. Talked with the boss about the project, we’re on the limit of the schedule.
  2. Watched tv. I don’t do this that often. One house, 2 tv’s, 5 people. I try to not spend too much time watching crap.
  3. Got my Moo cards. They’re just business cards, but Facebook & Moo give you 50 cards for free if you switch to the Facebook Timeline. I actually hesitated a long time before switching to the Timeline.
  4. Installed Whatsapp on the Lumia 800. Used the sim card I don’t use often. It imported contacts from my other cellphone (which syncs through Google Sync, Facebook and Twitter). So now there’s probably some of my work colleagues seeing a “boskabout” in their Whatsapp contact list.

Uh. Oh.


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