Things I did yesterday (15)

So it was like 23.50 and I was like, you know, like, let me check my twitter mentions before I try to remember some noteworthy things that happened today. Somehow I got into my evil routine of chevking Flipboard too. And then Twitter again. And then it was 40 minutes later, hargl & damnit.

1. Got up around 7am as sources told me Brussels Aurmines would be doing an online promo this AM. Flights to Barcelona were 139 euros, but one day longer in Barca. Decided to wait till I was at work, check with the travelmate and book the flights.
2. Arrived at work a bit after 8am. Flights were already at 149 euros now. Checked, which found 115 euro flights for my desired dates. Unfortunately the system lost those flights when I wanted to book them. That’s how you lose a sale…
3. Flights booked, back to having discussions with my PM and introducing the new testers to the application we’re building.
4. Spent 20+ minutes on going to an ATM and withdrawing money from it and going back to work. Damn you parking space policy and sparse ATM network!
5. Again some discussion with the PM and some interaction with our internal cloud guys.
6. Some use-case work but by then it was already past 5.30pm.
7. Arrived hungry at home. We were going to have a cheese & wine dinner with a French friend (actually a Belgian who emigrated to southern France), but he arrived an hour late (7pm instead of 6pm). I liked the cheese, bread and fine French wine.
8. Had to speed to my work because I forgot my running gear and then to Ghent to run with Helena and Amoorie. That’s a weekly thing, a leftover from #geekrun. Perhaps I should invite them to my place but then again: nobody’s as crazy as I am to spend 90 minutes in a car for some running and chatting. Let lone witness my crazy housemates.

Gee, look at that clock, it’s 1am already…


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