Things I did today (11)

Good thing I’m writing this down, I even have trouble remembering what happened this AM…

  1. Had my daily iron pill (remember me donating some red blood cells).
  2. Got stuck in traffic. Twice. One was due to roadworks, the other one due to some tow truck blocking the street!
  3. Spent way too much time on solving yesterday’s crisis which should be done by my PM.
  4. Finalised my evaluation.
  5. Received my 3 pies and a box of chocolate truffles. Everyone happy at home.
  6. Ate a spicy pepperoni, with an egg. Kinda loved it, actually.
  7. Almost fell asleep on the couch while watching tv.
  8. Wrote some cards. My beautiful handwriting seems to have stayed in the previous century. A pity.

Perhaps I should do a “things i didn’t do today” series too.


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