Things I did yesterday (6)

 I should go to bed earlier. Or write this blogpost before midnight…

  1. Partied hard at Bar Du Matin. Alex from On-Point’s got some mad (African funk) records in his collection!
  2. Told a friend to get back in and talk to that girl (apparently she asked him on the way out why he was leaving already).
  3. Had a breakfast for champions for lunch. It involved a whiskey sauce.
  4. Watched some documentary about monkeys. Monkeys are interesting.
  5. Went to Antwerp to reunite with some friends from engineering school. We need more engineers in this world.
  6. Had great dinner with the above mentioned friends.
  7. Watched Coco Flanel on the telly. Great & funny movie, love it how young the actors were back then.
  8. Remembered I filmed some donkeys yesterday in Maastricht. It’s probably the first time I don’t dislike my voice actually. Although I’d say my questions were a bit stupid. Oh well.
  9. Listed some use-cases for a side project.

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