links for 2010-11-06

  • A poster to one of the Joel On Software fora the other day asked what a "salt" was (in the cryptographic sense, not the chemical sense!) and why it's OK to make salts public knowledge. I thought I might talk about that a bit over the next few entries. But before I do, let me give you all my standard caution about rolling your own cryptographic algorithms and security systems: don't. It is very, very easy to create security systems which are almost but not quite secure. A security system which gives you a false sense of security is worse than no security system at all! This blog posting is for informational purposes only; don't think that after you've read this series, you have enough information to build a secure authentication system!
  • A quite interesting blogpost about discussions and conversations. Useful if you like to verbally fight people. Or maybe not. Maybe you should just shut up more often.

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