links for 2010-08-10

  • "The things that I’ve been a part of for the last 6 years which used to seem like so little, and ignored by the the masses, are now studied, recorded, marketed and then sold in neat little packages. Corporate entities following the youth. What’s new? But, until the corporate people that claim to be leaders in the industry of what is “new” find and connect with it’s true creatives, they will always be a step behind. They will always be missing the true genesis of creativity. They will continue to be afraid to take chances and invest in new ideas, lurking in the safety of replication and turning creative ideas into easily recognizable norms and standards while the new movements grow under the surface. But once the movement is identified and can be recorded, replicated and packaged, we’ll move on."
  • Technology is essentially a form of service. We work to make the world better. Our inventions can ease burdens, reduce poverty and suffering, and sometimes even bring new forms of beauty into the world. We can give people more options to act morally, because people with medicine, housing and agriculture can more easily afford to be kind than those who are sick, cold and starving.

    But civility, human improvement, these are still choices. That’s why scientists and engineers should present technology in ways that don’t confound those choices.

    We serve people best when we keep our religious ideas out of our work.

  • What if you could build realtime web apps with the same ease as you build static web pages in PHP today? Without long polling, event handling and state synchronization, the engineering complexity of realtime web applications would drop by an order of magnitude. There would be a fundamental shift in the way we build the realtime web. This is the future of Fun.

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