links for 2010-08-02

  • Who, What, Where, When, Why (and How – it ends with a “w” cut me some slack). In school we were taught that these fundamental questions must be addressed in the process of creating a strong argument and delivering a legitimate story. In the world of User Experience, being able to accurately answer these 5 questions can be the difference between a product that instantly resonates with the customer and one that quickly makes its way to the Startup Graveyard.
  • Although I’ve singled out scrum, there are lots of other processes that can go equally awry. Many companies these days are busy trying to implement Toyota’s LEAN production system, often with disappointing results. Kaizen quality management (another Toyota development) can also go very wrong – and for the same reasons Total Quality Management, House of Quality, and Philip Crosby’s Zero Defects went wrong back in the 80s; too many managers let the process get in the way of the ultimate objective. Remember, the goal is the goal.

    For every rule, there are myriad exceptions. For every battle plan, there are unexpected circumstances. For every process, there are fifty other ways to do things. So, my advice is to do what needs to be done, when you need to do it. And as to the gameplan? Don’t be afraid to make it up as you go along

  • iPhone- en iPad-applicaties op maat voor bedrijven en particulieren.

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