links for 2010-04-07

  • With these numbers, the consumer advice is easy: buy a touch phone if using websites is important to you.
  • Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission is to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies.
  • You like to use notepad to edit files, but can't because it doesn't handle UNIX or Mac formatted files? You find that the search and replace facilities are just not powerful enough? You want to be able to see what line of a file you're on? You want features to be more accessable. Don't want to use a heavier editor because you need something very fast? This is exactly why noted was created. A small, fast file editor with the features you need, and no more.
    (tags: software text)
  • The stupid know there are worse things than failure… like not even trying.
  • More than anything, I want a world with ubiquitous high bandwidth wifi. I hate that the carriers make it prohibitively expensive for me to lookup information when I'm traveling outside of the US. I hate that I can't easily connect my laptop to the internet when I'm out and about or, when I do, it's so bloody slow as to be useless. I want connectivity everywhere. And I want it to be understood as infrastructure. We can't even talk about life in the cloud until we have blanketed connectivity.
  • "My primary machine (Aiko) is a Lenovo Thinkpad x61 tablet with a 1400×1050 12.1" display, 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 processor, GM965 Intel graphics card, and a fingerprint reader that I use to log in. The tablet uses Wacom hardware and has a built-in pen which is very convenient. I love my x61 because it's far more portable than a Cintiq and extremely light." I want to see a video of that!
  • "This may become a factor in choosing a publisher for future books: the ability to avoid Microsoft Word altogether." I don't like Word either. Mostly because of nobody knows how to work with it and I, who knows nothing about it either, have to help those people. Urgh!
  • the setup is a bunch of nerdy interviews

    What do people use to get the job done?

  • In other words, with big projects, by the time you realize it’s failed, it’s pretty much too late. Let’s think a bit about the reasons why, and what we can do to change that.

    First off, I’ve never seen a big project fail specifically because of technology. Ever. And few IT veterans will disagree with me. Instead, failures nearly always go back to poor communication, murky goals, inadequate management, or mismatched expectations. People issues, in other words.

  • Introducing Gizzard, a framework for creating distributed datastores.
    (tags: code database)
  • De Finse onderzoekers stelden vast dat de belangrijkste bron van broeikasgassen in de voedselproductie de bodembewerking is, en niet de productie van meststoffen, het kweken van dieren of de energie die de landbouw nodig heeft. In Finland is de uitstoot door bodembewerking verantwoordelijk voor 62 procent van de totale uitstoot, de gassen van koeien en schapen zijn goed voor 24 procent en de meststoffenproductie en het energieverbruik elk voor 8 procent.
  • But there's a big problem here, according to Californian agricultural air-quality boffin Frank Mitloehner. The UN report is based on dodgy numbers. He says that the authors of Livestock's Long Shadow calculated the livestock emissions including everything they could think of – those resulting from growing feeds, from animals' burping and farting, from the various industrial processes involved in producing and delivering meat and dairy products.

    By contrast, when assessing transport they included only the greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels burned while driving, making no allowance for the huge carbon-equivalences involved in building and maintaining roads, railways, cars, trains, planes and automobiles.


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