links for 2010-02-19

  • Veel mensen storen zich aan de pornoficatie van de maatschappij, maar niemand stelt vragen bij de overdreven romantisering. Je komt iemand tegen die voor jou is voorbestemd, dat geeft een klik en ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig en hadden voor altijd geweldige seks.
    (tags: seks liefde dso)
  • The reason there's a knee jerk reaction is because the unexpected occurred. It kicks off the process of assimilation and that's what we care about — the understanding of the surprise, not the reaction to it. While everyone has a different reaction, they're all going to end up trying to figure out what just happened, and part of that process is having someone they trust sit there and listen to their assessment. Verbally walking through our thoughts is one of the ways we organize and understand them and begin the process of finding a comfortable constructive conclusion.
  • It came to me. With 5 years’ of British sarcasm under my belt I said, “WAP is CRAP. We’re doing nothing.” And I refused to say more.

    Within a year WAP became the laughing stock of the mobile industry. It was slow. It was hard to use. It required content sites to develop totally new content. There was no engagement. In Chris Dixon’s words, it wasn’t designed for normals.


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