links for 2010-01-19

  • Those of us with an interest in business use of social media have been glued to Twitter over the last couple of weeks as a major transport operator has been forced to learn some harsh lessons about customer engagement in the new, social media-enabled world.
  • Check this out!
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  • Philippe Moureaux, négociateur socialiste dans le dossier de Bruxelles-Hal-Vilvorde, compare le FDF et la N-VA dans la "stratégie du pourrissement" que, à ses yeux, ces deux partis adoptent pour des motifs électoralistes.

    "La comparaison est frappante: d'un côté, Olivier Maingain suggère avec insistance de ne pas faire grand-chose cette année (…). De l'autre, Bart De Wever invite à reporter la négociation après 2011 car, dit-il, le rapport de forces entre Flamands et francophones au fédéral en ce moment n'est pas favorable aux premiers", analyse le vice-président du PS.

  • Planning a project thoroughly is often more important than the design, app or site. If a project is badly planned and organised then your heading for a disaster.

    Wireframing is usually one of the first steps to really mapping out your user flows, and is a place where all the ideas can be brought together to build a better picture of what the final project will be like. Its important to understand the purpose of a wireframe and communicate this to either your client or colleagues.


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