links for 2009-12-22

  • Statisticians are generally behind the times when it comes to online applications. There are a lot out-dated Java applets and really rough attempts at getting R, a statistical computing environment, in some useful form through a browser. So imagine my surprise when I tried this tool by Jeroen Ooms, a visiting scholar at UCLA Statistics.
  • n an industry where eyes are focused permanently on the horizon, it's easy to forget the big moments and trends of even the recent past. But at The Reg, we don't forget. Here, we rounded up the most significant thingamabobs of the decade, including not only the technologies that had the biggest and most unexpected impact, but also the tactical blunders and the stunning missed opportunities that defined a decade that we so enjoy calling The Noughties.
  • Apparently, a computer is now not a computer, it's an opportunity to upsell you.

    First, the setup insisted (for my own safety) that I sign up for an eternal subscription to Norton. Then it defaulted (opt out) to sending me promotional emails. Then there were the dozens (at least it felt like dozens) of buttons and searches I had to endure to switch the search box from Bing to Google. And the icons on the desktop that had been paid for by various partners and the this-comes-with-that of just about everything.

  • Na mijn voorspellingen voor 2010 voor wat betreft internet en IT, is het vandaag de beurt aan mijn voorspellingen voor de rest van de media. Ik richt me hierbij vooral naar de situatie in Nederlandstalig België, omdat ik die situatie het beste ken. Aan u de eer om goed te keuren of af te knallen.
  • Un carton d’invitation surprenant envoyé de la Flanders House de New York

    NEW YORK On dit les Américains pas très calés en histoire-géo. À en juger par la carte reproduite ci-contre, il ne faut en tout cas pas compter sur la Flandre pour faire remonter le niveau outre-Atlantique.

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