links for 2009-12-10

  • The next morning, I met with Ryan and his staff. His company had never had anything go wrong like this, and I'm sure Ryan won't be offended if I say that they were a little bit cocky, imagining the events business to be, I think, a tiny bit easier than it actually is.

    So I wanted to go through the Five Whys exercise with Ryan and his staff. Five Whys is a problem-solving technique developed by Toyota after World War II to improve its manufacturing process. The idea is to ask "Why?" five times to get to the root of any failure, so you fix the core problem instead of the symptoms.

  • Not surprisingly due to its name, the Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder shoots in 1080p widescreen at 30 fps with H.264 encoding. Of course it manages to do all this and fit in your shirt pocket to boot

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