links for 2009-12-08

  • If new wind farms are to be profitable, it is essential to know the local wind conditions and to identify the best position for each wind turbine. Understanding the wind conditions can be difficult because trees, cliffs or hills affect the strength and direction. A typical method is to raise masts and then estimate wind conditions. The Windcube can replace or complement this method.
  • I researched this subject in a very particular way. I deliberately chose not speak directly to any climate experts or leading scientists in the field. I used only publicly available web sources.

    Why? Because I wanted to simulate what it’s like for people trying to learn about climate change online.

    My conclusion is “what a nightmare”. I was generally shocked and appalled by how difficult it was to source counter arguments. The data was often tucked away on extremely ancient or byzantine websites. The key counter arguments I often found, 16 scrolls down, on comment 342 on a far flung post from three years ago. And even when I found an answer, the answers were excessively jargonized or technical.


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