links for 2009-10-15

  • Do edits still serve the same purpose as they used to?

    I think that nowadays they provide a strong example of how older music can still be evolving, years after it was first released, as a new generation of listeners connect with these tracks from their own perspective. Great music is great music, no matter when it was made, and if a new edit can make a track more relevant to people now, I’d say that’s good thing.

    (tags: music Remix edit)
  • Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (often abbreviated as BHV) is a Belgian electoral arrondissement in the center of the country that encompasses both the officially bilingual Brussels-Capital Region, which coincides with the administrative arrondissement of Brussels-Capital, as well as the officially unilingual Dutch-speaking area around it, Halle-Vilvoorde, which in turn forms a separate administrative arrondissement. Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde is also a judicial arrondissement, unambiguously better known as the Brussels judicial Arrondissement after the location of its main courts.
    (tags: belgium)
  • We all did a great job together to make it comprehensive and meaningful. But we’re not done!!!

    We now need as many people as possible to endorse it. Please visit the dedicated website and register your endorsement. Help us spreading the word and get as many friends as possible to endorse it.

    We have one month to collect thousands of endorsement and make EU government listen to it!

  • Take a stroll down the street in any major North American or European city and you'll be sure to see a speckle of fashion-conscious twentysomethings hanging about and sporting a number of predictable stylistic trademarks: skinny jeans, cotton spandex leggings, fixed-gear bikes, vintage flannel, fake eyeglasses and a keffiyeh – initially sported by Jewish students and Western protesters to express solidarity with Palestinians, the keffiyeh has become a completely meaningless hipster cliché fashion accessory.
  • Met Flat Earth News heeft de Britse sterjournalist Nick Davies het meest spraakmakende boek over de media in jaren geschreven. Uitzonderlijk goed gedocumenteerd toont hij aan hoe kranten, onder druk van commercialisering, bol komen te staan van leugens, vervormingen en propaganda. Davies’ boek is dusdanig onthutsend en inktzwart dat het de kiem van rebellie in zich draagt. ‘Ik probeer de kwaadheid zodanig op te poken dat mensen goesting krijgen om de journalistiek te redden.’
  • Technology firms also face a similar problem. In technology, as in most businesses, the way to make it to the top is through sales, so you end up with a situation where the CEO is a sales guy who has no understanding of technology and, for example, thinks that you can cut the development time of a project in half by adding twice as many people. I have seen this have catastrophic results. Even when you don’t have the generational issue that Trillin talks about, the problem is that the sociology of corporations leads to a certain kind of CEO, and as corporations become increasingly dependent on complex technology or complex business processes (for example, the kind of data-driven marketing that consumer packaged companies do), you end up with CEOs who don’t understand the key aspects of the companies they are managing. And the underlying problem is that; …, the fact remains that the market for CEOs is deeply flawed
    (tags: finance banks)
  • Ministers from the 29 European Space Agency and European Union Member States will meet in Prague on 23 October for the 1st EU-ESA International Conference on Human Space Exploration, to prepare a roadmap leading to the definition of a common vision and strategic planning for space exploration.

    This first step in a process that will lead to the definition of a European vision in this field stems from a Resolution adopted by the 5th Space Council (*) in September 2008. Besides Ministers and delegates from the EU, ESA and third countries, the conference will also be attended by Members of Parliament and representatives of industry and academia.

  • For more than 150 years, the Atlantic has told the stories of people who commit acts of moral and intellectual bravery by espousing unpopular or controversial positions. In a special issue of the magazine, the editors have chosen 27 leaders – from business and politics to science and media – who embody this great tradition today. These are people who are risking careers, reputations, and fortunes to advance ideas that upend an established order.
  • EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time.

    When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.

  • The same thing happened seven years ago with the live-typing feature that I implemented in iChat 1.0 (which was only supported for Bonjour chats.) I thought it was an awesome idea, and I’d wanted to have it in a chat program since about 1997. But it turned out that, in actual use, people hated it, for exactly the reasons Manjoo describes: it makes you self-conscious. We took it out in the next release.
  • Maps are often placed on a company website to help customers find their way there. For that, Google Maps is excellent. But wouldn’t it be nice to add your company logo, parking lots, train stations, etc. to the map, to help the customer even more? It is very simple, and in this article I am going to show you how.

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