links for 2009-09-30

  • self-titled asked me to write about “my 15 favorite DJ tracks over the past 15 years,” and frankly, I’m afraid my answers would be too obvious. Really, anyone who has heard me play knows what works a disco dancefloor for boogie freaks, ex-Garage/Loft/Saint members, young disco fans and nightlife people in general. I mean, you don’t play trance to a room of queer artists at a gallery opening.

    Soul and funk; producers like Jean-Jacques Petrus, Jacques Morali, Cerrone, Dennis LePage. They’re evergreens for good reason.

    So instead, I’ve changed the topic a bit: 15 tracks which I’d love to play but don’t always get a chance to. Because you need very specific circumstances to play these—a certain mood, an appreciative crowd, a great sound environment. Like 7 a.m. beneath a cloudy sunrise in St. Petersburg.

    (tags: music dj)

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