Apple Software Update

Apple Software Update

Apple Software Update

Apple is pissing me off. The above screenshot shows the Apple Software Update application hinting me to download 110 MB of software updates (for the iPhone configuration application, and for a new version of iTunes and QuickTime).

Now, I don’t have an iPhone. I don’t need an application to configure the iPhone I don’t have.

But that’s not the worst part. Two days ago (or was it only yesterday?), I (finally) installed/upgraded to iTunes 9.0 (which was something like 70 or 80 MB in size). And now, a few days later Apple releases a minor update (from 9.0.1): KADZAAAAAM here’s 100 MB of precious bandwidth to throw away, again, as the damn little cool and hip bastards will release version 9.1 within 3 weeks or so. And who knows what they’ve changed…


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