links for 2009-09-24

  • In my last post about Lily Allen's hypocrisy in uploading tons of songs without authorization, while saying it's good to cut off internet access for regular uploaders, one of the commenters made a good point: we should use this as a teaching moment, to try to show Ms. Allen why her position is wrong, rather than focusing on calling her a hypocrite. And, indeed, that would be great, but it seems like a difficult lesson for some — including Ms. Allen — to grasp. Her response to my post seems to come up with a variety of excuses, none of which actually touch on the actual point:

    'i made those mixtapes 5 years ago, i didn't have a knowledge of the workings of the music industry back then… '

  • For those that are unaware, the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a real-time, unadulterated ( i.e. not massaged in any way by government or other agencies) daily average price of what it costs to ship raw materials across the globe via 26 different shipping routes. Since it is real-time, it is one of the best economic indicators available and is a proxy for the global demand for commodities.

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