links for 2009-09-09

  • "ESA’s Sentinel-3 satellite will monitor its orientation in space with the help of the smallest gyro ever flown by the Agency. Now being tested, the sugar cube-sized device at the heart of the gyro unit is derived from a sensor used in anti-lock braking systems on millions of cars."

    Usually it's space -> normal world.

  • If you have worked in an office in the Western world in the past 25 years, you will probably have sat through a PowerPoint presentation. But there's a problem. They're often boring, writes presentation expert Max Atkinson.
  • He highlights some basic characteristics of platform organizations: they embrace open standards; they build simple system that can evolve; they develop for participation; they learn from their users, and especially those who do unexpected things; they lower barriers to experimentation; they build a culture of measurement; they celebrate developers; and they do not reinvent the wheel.

    Undoubtedly most of the above characteristics do apply to government organizations that really want to catch the innovation wave triggered by web2.0.


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