Making Things Happen

Some random quotes from the book Making Things Happen (Mastering Project Management):

The history of engineering projects reveals that most projects have strong similarities. They have requirements, designs, and constraints. They depend on communication, decision making, and combinations of creative and logical thought. Projects usually involve a schedule, a budget, and a customer. Most importantly, the central task of projects is to combine the works of different people into a singular, coherent whole that will be useful to people or customers. Whether a project is built out of HTML, C++, or cement and steel, there’s an undeniable core set of concepts that most projects share.

The following quote brings up a difference between two concepts most of us think are the same:

Remember that simple is not the same thing as easy. For example, it’s a simple thing to run a marathon. You start running and don’t stop until you’ve reached 26.2 miles. What could be simpler? The fact that it’s difficult doesn’t negate it’s simplicity. Leadership and management are also difficult, but their nature – getting things done in a specific way toward a specific goal – is simple.

Nice quotes, which remind us of simple things one tends to quickly forget. They should be written in flashing red neon lights above your bed. Just to keep you focussed!

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